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A No Win situation

             Today as the 21st century begins to blossom and mature, many critical problems have become more threatening to our nations welfare. Terrorism, possible military conflict with Iraq and the unstable economy seem to be top priorities with the American people. As in all facets of life, be it family or work, we tend to resolve these problems that affect us greatly at the present time. But what if a hazardous situation arose that if not properly attended to early would plague the next generation of Americas Workers? Unfortunately, today the "What if?" questions have become an all too grave reality. Before us today looms a crisis so great many politicians have knowingly ignored the problem: With a drastically reduced workforce, and a national debt of over 6 trillion dollars, how will our nation provide the benefits such as Medicare, and Social Security to a growing number of retires spawned from the "Baby Boom Era"? The only way in which this crisis can be solved is through a compromise between the two opposing sides, the retired seniors, and the future, as well as the current American workforce. .
             In the years to come, as these "Baby Boomers" (A person who was born before 1960) reach the age of 65 America will have to support its largest retired senior population in history. The standard operating practices have led us to believe the current work force will with their tax dollars help fund the national programs of Social Security, and Medicare, yet herein lies the problem. How can our government be expected to provide some of the promised 14 trillion dollars in federal benefits to seniors, with a national debt, and a gradually smaller ratio of worker to retiree (Cowan, 606). Truthfully, harsh sacrifices must be made with to limit economic losses. .
             Washington essentially has two options, the first being to cut or reduce benefits to retirees who, for on an average of 30 years have been paying into their Social Security fully expecting a U.

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