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Carrie by Stephen King

             Carrie always gets teased by her classmates and one day she gets her first period in the shower after physical education. Her mother has never told her about periods and so she thinks she's bleeding to death. When her classmates started laughing and throwing tampons at her, Carrie started to cry the first time. On her way home a little boy on a bike shouts very ugly things at her and Carrie wishes that the boy falls of his bike. After a second the boy falls off the bike and breaks his arm. Carrie realizes that she has telekinetic power. On the next day Chris Hargensen and her clique get punished for the shower-situation Christina wants to take revenge. She asks a friend of her to kill 2 pigs and freezes the blood of the animals. Chris puts the blood in a sack and places it over the chair of the prom-queen. In the meantime Susan Snell who was also involved in the shower-situation feels sorry for Carrie and asks her boyfriend Tommy to go out with Carrie. She knows that Carrie has got a crush on him and thinks that if he went out with her, Carrie would come out of her shell and get a little bit more extrovert. At first Carrie thinks this was another joke but after a while she agrees. When Carrietta arrives with Tommy at the Prom she feels like in a dream, because everybody is so friendly to her. Finally they are voted for King and Queen of the Prom-Night. When Carrie takes place in the chair, the defrosted pig-blood falls down at her and everything is coverd in blood. Tommy gets hitten by a piece of metal and drops dead. Everybody laughes at Carrie and she runs out of the hall. But then she returns and with her telekinetic power she switches on the water-system in the room and closes the doors. The electric equipment of the bands is turned on and a lot of people die in fact of the lightening. The whole school begins to burn and a gas-station which is next to it explodes. Nearly everybody in the school dies.

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