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Capital punishment

            Capital Punishment is a very controversial issue. It's one issue which faces many opinions. Many are for the Death Penalty while others are against it. Most individuals favor the death penalty. However, many others feel that it is cruel and unusual punishment. .
             In my opinion there is no wrong or right answer to the question, are you for or against capital punishment? There are many different methods of capital punishment. For example, there are lethal injections, in which you are given an injection to stop your heart. There is also the electric chair which sends an electrical current throughout your body (high voltage).
             Those who are in favor of the death penalty usually are angered due to the fact of a family member, friend or acquaintance was either raped or killed. Due to the anger inside of them, they feel a form of revenge and retaliations against the perpetrator. The will feel the person should be killed.
             However, there are others that feel a person life should not be taken. It should be left in the hands of god. People against the death penalty feel that they should be rehabilitated with special programs and incapacitated. The feel that reform is a better way to go rather than taking another life away.
             Raquel Crouch, a twenty year old woman, was killed by a twenty five year old, convicted sex offender, who parole only four months before her death. Kareen Jabbar Wilson was released from prison after completing three in half years. He was sentenced to two eight year prison term. Since the law required that an offender is released when his time served plus credited time for good behavior equaled his sentence. He returned to the streets where he killed an innocent woman.
             This man was given a chance to rehabilitate in prison and he still continued to commit a violent murder. Should the United States justice system continue to let violent criminals back on the streets where they are likely to commit violent crimes? .

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