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Really hearing music

             There are sounds and words that touch me that some have no clue that it is even there. In my opinion music calms me down when I am upset about things that are not going right for me sometimes. After listening to this music it calms me up. Calms me up means to bring happiness to me and the joyous memories I have been able to relate to this music. Some times there are parts of the songs or tunes in a song that will make me think about the sad times in my life. When I say sad I mean the sad that you have learned from and not the one that may have caused you heartache and pain. A lot of the old southern gospel has helped me to live my life to the way that I and GOD would see fit. It makes me realize the purpose why I am here on this earth. Gospel to me is my light of the day. Especially when I have to do my work it helps me to smooth out the day a whole lot better. When I quick listening to my gospel music my plan that I set for my life had fell off the course of action. For me music does not get older it just gets better from year to year. Music is what I love and it's what I feel and it's in me and to know that I can listen to something that I enjoy and bring some enjoyment to myself and other people. I am just really thankful for the people who sing this enjoyable music. I love the impact that gospel music has the greatest impact in my life. It would be nice if others was to sit down and really listen to there choice of music and then they can see the impact it would have in their lives. I see my music as away to cleanse my solo. This also allows my house to run on a loving and honest system. Who would think that music could do so much for a person?.
             When John hears the sound of the music it makes his life have a purpose and now he knows what he must do. John realizes that first time in his life that his eyes is open to the real world. The in this story the veil being lift by listening to the song lets him see what he must do for his family and himself.

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