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The Music of My Life

            It all started on my papaws farm on a warm Georgia summer night. There I heard that song echoing through the trees, coming from the dusty windows of that pickup truck. I heard the song family tradition by Hank Williams Jr. That song set the basis for all the music that I enjoy in the following years. I obviously didn't realize that this was happening, but over the years I noticed much of the music I like has similar qualities. After hearing family tradition, I was instantly hooked. Country music quickly became my favorite genre of music at the time. I loved the slow beat and the lyrics that portray a better, simpler time in the south. The country way of life portrayed in the old style country music is that of one that I live out in the country with no one around, that music is one that's calming and relaxing. I loved the sound of a guitar strumming and listening to some Garth Brooks while out fishing. Growing up on a farm probably had a huge influence on the type of music I enjoyed because it was the most relatable at the time. I enjoyed hearing the soft melodies and strong lyrics of this type of music.
             Of course, as time went on my views and perspectives changed about the world around me. Many things aren't as they appear to be and as I discovered that it changed my view not only of life and society around me, but the music I listened to as well. About the time of middle school/ high school I was introduced to new music by my friends. This new type of music was rap music. Some artists I particularly enjoyed are Lil Wayne, Eminem and Gucci Mane. I loved the new sounds and lyrics of rap music. Like Hank Williams Jr., Gucci Mane's music consisted of slow paced songs with strong lyrics. As I was talking about earlier, my perspectives about things were changing and one of those were the music I listened to. Earlier in my life the lyrics didn't mean a lot to me, but as I continued to discover new music I found out that some artists weren't authentic like others.

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