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            Americans are extremely materialistic. For instance, all the new features on cell phones, the new televisions that are really thin and hang on the walls like a picture frame and cars that cost 80,000 dollars, are just three examples of many of the new luxurious material items that people want. But, why do people want these things? Are they things we need to help us survive? Is it the way we are brought up? What about other countries? Are they as materialistic as we are? Today, connected with obtaining American society is very materialistic because people think that success is luxurious material items. .
             I think that American society worries more about obtaining materialistic items, instead of what is most important, like family. They want everything they see, but only if it makes them look good. For example, someone may want to buy an 80,000 dollar car because they know that when people look at them, they will assume that they are in a high social class, even though, they may not be. Our country is covered in material items. Thoreau states,.
             The nation itself, with it's so-called internal improvements, which by the way are all external and superficial, is just an unwieldy and overgrown establishment, cluttered with furniture and tripped up by its own traps, ruined by luxury and heedless expense, by want of calculation and worthy aim, as the million household in the land. (Thoreau, 2).
             So, why are Americans so materialistic? One opinion on why Americans are materialistic is because Americans perceive success as obtaining possessions. We believe that the more possessions that we obtain, ultimately, result in a higher social status, thus, the facet of being successful. It can be tempting to constantly upgrade all the new technology because of the sophisticated marketing techniques. Also, things become obsolete almost over-night. One example is the cell phone. One day one may have the top of the line cell phone with all of the new features that include: text messaging, three way calling, the internet, calculator, games, walkie talkie, etc.

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