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            In everyday lives, people using their life very easy and they don't have too many works to do like before. That is because of the materialism. People can use all the technologies works for themselves. Instead of using their own energy, they invented a lot of machines to use the energy from those machines. Some of them are useful, but some are not. People just wants it because everyone has it. This also makes many problems in this world too.
             Like the movie "The Gods must be Crazy". At first, the family lives their life really happily. They love and care each other so much. They don't have any computer, calculator, telephone, and all those technologies stuff, but they don't look worry and rush like people that have that stuff do. One day a bottle dropped from the sky, everyone so excited. They thought that this bottle is a God's present. God must send this thing for them to use for easier works. So, they use it to do a lot of works. Some of them use it to make food, some use to dig stuff from the ground. They didn't know what it is actually for.
             People started to hate each other, because everyone needs that bottle in the same time. When some of them use it, other wants to use it too. This makes them having so many fights and hates. So, the father from this family decided to give this back to the God by throw it back to the sky, but it didn't work. Then he went away with the bottle, because he knew if this bottle still in the family, it will bright a lot more problem to his family.
             On the other side, people works with the materialistic in a really big building. They are all worry and so complex. This shows that, the materialism is not the best thing that we need for our life. Some of them we really need it, but some we don't. But people still wants it just because others have it. At first we thought materialism will make our life easier, but if we think over and over again, that stuff doesn't make our whole life happy and peaceful.

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