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The Problem with Evil

            The problem of evil in the world is a theological debate of great importance. When witnessing to others it is popular topic of questioning and should be clearly understood from a biblical perspective. In my research of the topic I found two sources that I feel properly address the problem for a biblical perspective, and one source that is of an atheist perspective.
             The problem of evil is thought of involving a conflict of four concepts: God is power, God is all knowing, God is good, and the presence of evil in the world. The atheist, by attempt of reasoning would say that one of these concepts must be false. .
             In the internet article by Tim Holt, he concludes through his reasoning that God does not exist. He concluded this through the following:.
             1. If God exists then he is omniscient, omnipotent, and benevolent.
             2. If God were omniscient, omnipotent and benevolent, then the world would not contain evil.
             3. The world contains evil.
             4. It is no the case that God exists.
             In reasoning 2 he is saying that if God exists, who is supposed to be all-powerful, knowing, and good, then He would be powerful and good enough to eliminate or prevent evil. Since evil does exists, then God must not. Atheists do not believe that God and evil can coexist with humans as the cause of evil. They think that there needs to be an immediate reckoning of evil for a good God to exist. From my next two articles I will argue from a Biblical perspective against the atheist's reasoning with the problem of evil. It is good to understand what athiest believe, so that in our witnessing we will be prepared to offer Biblical reasoning. .
             In Millard Erickson's book, he offers a solution to the problem of sin through human's capacity of free will. God is limited by His own nature. There are some things He cannot do (Erickson). He cannot be cruel because it is against His nature. He cannot lie. He cannot break His promise. Likewise, God cannot make humans without certain accompanying features (150).

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