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Problem Of Evil

             Everywhere we go, everywhere we look, we are faced with evil in a variety of forms. Not only do we see it with our own eyes we especially see it when we are walking in the streets of our city or our campus, but also television, radio and the newspapers shove the reality of evil in our faces all the time. Evil is considered a problem for thinking people especially philosophers actually everything is a thinking problem for them. Anyway, we want to understand evil and we want it to explain and make sense of our lives. But through religious connection evil seems to be broken down into two parts, which are there to explain philosophical beliefs whether there is or is not a God.
             First it is important to distinguish between that there are two kinds of evil, and they are Evidential and Logical versions of the evil. When a disbeliever challenges his beliefs in God using the logical problem of evil, all that he is doing is stating that it is wrong and not soundly possible to believe in the existence of a good and all-powerful God who is surrounded by the evils of the world. Such a God would not let evil cease to exist if he is almighty and powerful. Therefore why is there evil where did it come from and why is it still here. Which brings me to the discussion of what is the logical reasoning for the atheist not to believe in God.
             The logical challenge is not to believe in God. The challenge states that it would be almost unrealistic to believe in God just for the simple fact that evil exists also, even if it is believed, like in my class notes we wrote down that with all good there is evil and vice versa. The problem of evil has been one of the greatest objections to theism since theism has been around. If it is not the greatest philosophical problem with theism, it is at least the problem with the greatest emotional impact. Everywhere and in every age sensible thinkers have been confronted with the range of evil in the world, both moral and natural, and have asked the question, Why?.

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