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The book Miss Havisham

             Insane, manic, vendetta towards men, Miss Havisham is out to wreak revenge for having been left on the altar by her fiancé. Through out Great Expectations Miss Havisham is out to punish all men, in particularly the main character Pip. For these reasons and more Miss Havisham is the most memorable character.
             Miss Havisham is mentally destroyed from being left on the altar by her fiancé. From that moment on, Miss Havisham has not left her house. She will never get over this heartbreak. Miss Havisham had stopped all the clocks at twenty minutes to nine, the exact moment she first learned her fiancé had abandoned her. These events have traumatized Miss Havisham so much she only wears one shoe, after the news of her runaway fiancé she had no need to finish dressing. To this day Miss Havisham only wears one shoe. Do to her disposition towards men, Miss Havisham adopts and raises Estella to hate men just as much as she does. Because of Estella's beauty and charm she is the perfect weapon to achieve Miss Havisham's Goal of making men's lives miserable. Because of Miss Havisham's actions, Estella is hurtful to Pip, Breaking his heart much like her own.
             The Satis estate is where Miss Havisham and Estella Live. The house is very large, and at one time was full of life. Now it is rundown and lonely with just Miss Havisham and Estella living there. The name Satis is particularly interesting because Satis is derived from Satisfied and Miss Havisham is far from satisfied. Miss Havisham is determined to live a live of unhappiness, and will not be satisfied until she has ruined the life of every man on the earth.
             Thorough out the book Miss Havisham has achieved her goal and brought sadness and heartbreak to the main character Pip. Using Estella as her weapon of choice Miss Havisham has destroyed Pip's outlook on women and relationships. He will forever be hurt.

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