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            Many things in life happen for a reason, many to which don't seem clear at certain time Recently I experienced a severe down point in my life, three things I noticed and learned from it were: the fact that sometimes even the most worst can happen and the best can form based from it, most people don't even appreciate the life that they have and are living, and thirdly, you never realise what you have until your in risk of loosing it/them or you have lost it/them. .
             Firstly, the accident was caused from a minor stroke, the minor stroke was caused from an unknown fact, and the unknown fact caused a whole family to join as one to give comfort, love, support and a happy ending. I have learned that something yet so dramatic and life draining can bring a family together which forms a healthy, happy and peaceful environment. Yes all caused because of the accident a family of division stuck together used hope and faith to get them selves and the critical conditioned patient out of the down point of his/she's life with all smiles from ear to ear.
             Secondly, most everyday people walk on by living their lives not knowing just how good their lives are. They don't appreciate even the smallest things that make our lives yet so bright and cheerful for example- our families and the simple fact that we have the chance to be breathing, feeding, loving and living. Not knowing the outcome that would follow for this critical conditioned patient made a clear picture to me that I shouldn't be worried about my appearance or what other people were thinking of me, I should just be greatful for the life I was living, that I was able to wake up everyday with a smile on my face knowing I could live a normal life. Furthermore I saw I should stop insisting others to try and help me and instead help others in obvious need of true help.
             Thirdly, I never took the time out of my life to respect the biggest value in my life my family.

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