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Women's Roles and Struggles in Jane Eyre and Charulata

             in "Charulata" and "Jane Eyre".
             Charlotte Brontë's novel Jane Eyre and Sattyajit Roy's movie Charulata are the products of taking materials from the nineteenth century throw two different societies. Through the ups and downs of their protagonists, they have become able to show the deprivation, injustice, inequality and humiliation by which they suffered from. This term paper contains comparison and contrast of the roles and struggles of women of the society in the perspective Jane Eyre and Charulata.
             Keywords : Pastoral and urban setting, plot and structure , education, freedom, politics, dignity and identity, financial independence and love and marriage.
             Jane Eyre (1847) is a gothic novel written by Charlotte Brontë (21 April, 1816-31 March 1855) in where the author's life has been reflected. Jane Eyre, an orphan and Rochester, a rich, proud and powerful man, are the protagonists in this novel. Brontë shows how Jane presents herself free from the physical and psychological prison and how she has been influenced and become victim by the society, environment, even by Rochester. Charulata (1964) is one of the best movie directed by Satyajit Ray (2 May, 1921-23 April, 1992) based on the short story " The Broken Nest" (1901) by Rabindranath Tagore (7 May, 1861-7 August, 1941). It's subtitle "The Lonely Wife" is very appropriate to its main theme. Charu is the protagonist of this film whose bridegroom Bhupati Dutta, a man of higher social status. Here, Charu is confined by the rules of patriarchal society. Despite having emotional desire, she had no way of going out of home. Above all, not only similarities but also many dissimilarities are found in Charulata and Jane Eyre in terms of setting, plot, structure, theme, women role, politics and social class.
             Jane Eyre has pastoral setting but on contrary Charulata is placed in urban area. Both of the characters have been influenced by their setting much.

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