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In My Life

             In My Life, by Memphis Bleek is a song that outlines some of the various struggles that face many inner city youths as they grow into adults. This song deals with issues ranging from being the only provider for a single parent home to losing close friends to murder. It sheds light on and gives some explanations to inquiries that many people would have towards the so-called "street life." There are thousands of nameless faces in prisons today that no doubt have the same story to tell.
             The song begins with three short words, In My Life. These three words echo two drawn out times before the background music and chorus begins. The chorus is actually taken from lines out of a foreigner song titled "I want to know what love is". This choice of chorus gives foreshadowing that the song will be somber but powerful in its message. The first sixteen bars of this song begin with the artist stating he is "that regular cat from the street, thuggin it lovin my life as Memph Bleek." Bleek then goes on to say "but I"m stuck with huggin that block, sellin that D." Basically he is saying that he loves his life even though he feels stuck in the neighborhood where he must sell drugs to survive. The song then goes on to explain how the rapper grew up saying, "I grew up with nuthin but killers and O.G.'s, I am a product of the ghetto "till they bag me up. With a bail stash incase they snatch me up." These three bars explain that Memphis was made the way he was by growing up around killers and older gang members. He also realizes that he is a product of his environment and that will never changed until he is put into a body bag. Also, even though he may be on top of his game now he does plan for the worst saying he has set aside money for bail incase he is arrested. The next four bars give a little insight into the family situation in Memphis" home. Stating, "I"m a soldier in this war and I resemble my pops, I aint nuthin like him that's where this criminal stops.

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