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Social Impact of Cellular Phones

            What did people do before cellular phones became common? Undoubtedly, cellular phones have revolutionized the world. Cellular phones make communication easy and efficient. With the growing use of them, both in businesses and in homes, like it or not, this technology has become necessary. Without doubt, cellular phones offer many advantages such as added convenience, greater personal security, and increased communication in both businesses and the home. However, a cellular phone does have its share of disadvantages. For example, there are driving safety concerns, health concerns, and, of course, the social changes being shaped by a technology which is having a overwhelming effect on our interpersonal interaction.
             Cellular telephones are an excellent way to remain in touch and summon help, especially in the event of an emergency. An advantage of having a cell phone is the reliability and security it brings in knowing that you have one. In critical points in time, people with cell phones can more easily and faster reach help than those without cellular phones can. For example, victims of the World Trade Center collapse used cellular phones to call rescuers to tell them their locations. In at least one case, a cell phone allowed rescuers to find and save a few victims (Shaw). Without cellular phones to assist in this, many more people may have died. In this case, cellular phones saved lives. .
             Another reason why it is good to have a cellular phone is that it keeps children only a phone call away. Teenagers can check in with parents to let them know that they are ok, or that they need assistance or aid with something. In addition, cellular phones provide a convenience. Mobile phones are now providing instant communication to friends, peers, family, or even your co-workers. Another pro, in having a cellular phone is that it makes everything you could possibly need just a phone away.

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