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In My Place

            In Chicago there is a place where people all ages and races love to hang out every year during the summer. In the summer, when the burning sun shines up above, the first place where people run to is North Beach because people can relax, refresh, play many sports, read, and meet different people. North Beach is like church, different kinds of people gather in one place to let everything out. At church, people gather to pray for many different reasons. At the beach, people are present also for many different reasons.
             In the winter, North Beach is a lonely place where not even the seagulls other to attend, is a place where everybody isolates, a place cold and lonesome. In the summer it gets very crowded just like a flea market on Sunday mornings. This place is like paradise, it has the beach, the beautiful women, there's a bar where you can have a drink while listening to a live band. Families visit the beach to cook out and to share nice quality time. In the shore you can ride your bike, roller blade, jog, or walk. Last summer the Chicago park district just finished building an outdoor gym for people to exercise right next to the beach, which attracts a bigger crowd. There are also volleyball courts and volleyball leagues for people who know how to play and people who are just beginners. Ten years ago you can look at this beach and walk away from it. This beach was so dirty and abandoned so people wouldn't take care of it, it was grouse. Now is the best place to go in the summer for outdoor recreational activities or to relax and relieve your stress. Every summer I look forward to visiting the beach because is a place where I can ride my bike, hang out with my friends, play soccer and volleyball, cook out, get a tan, swim and many other exciting things. .
             The North Beach is a place where you can have fun, relax, eat, exercise, meet people, etc. It's Chicago's #1 hang out place. .

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