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My Favorite Place

             If I had to choose my favorite place I would probably have to choose Madison, Wisconsin, during home football games. I would choose Madison for many different reasons. First I would choose Madison because of the fanatic atmosphere that surrounds the city. Second, I would choose Madison because Badger football is the greatest sport to watch. Plus the tailgating before the game makes Madison to be the best place to be. Having these three qualities makes Madison my favorite place.
             Madison has one of the best atmospheres for a college football game. There are so many things you can do before a game. One thing you can do is take a walk down State Street. State Street is filled with people eating at restaurants or buying cloth's for the game. If you are not interested in shopping or eating, some fans go to their favorite bar and have a couple of rounds before the game. Most of the students wake up and head to the nearest frat house where most of them become trashed by eleven o"clock. Being able to do these activities before a game gives Madison on of the best college football atmospheres in the country.
             Camp Randall Stadium is the place to be on Saturday if you are a Badger Football Fanatic. Camp Randall is a stadium that holds a capacity crowd of over 77,000 people a game. Every game, every year Badger Football games are sold out with fans wearing red and white. Each year we expect them to contend for the Big Ten football championship. During games the Badgers usually make big plays that excite the crowd. For example, last year Lee Evans caught a 99 yard touchdown pass from Jim Sorgi against Akron, that made the crowd go crazy. When Evans caught the ball the fans roared so loud that you probably could have heard the roar from miles away. Also at the end of the third quarter the students jump up and down to the song "Jump Around." Watching the Badgers play football and the students doing there activities in the stands is why I love Madison in the fall.

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