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A Good Man is Hard to Find

             The passage is important to the story because it show the interaction between the Misfit and the grandmother the reader with what would seem to be a forgone conclusion as well as an ending to the story. The grandmother's behavior towards her capture whether it was genuine or pretend ultimately leads to her demise. The importance of this passage to the story is that it tries to, although not in great detail, to explain to the reader the thoughts and mindset of the character, the Misfit. Those thoughts consisting of an explanation or perhaps an excuse for how his life has turned out. The other character that the passage focuses on is the grandmother, whose behavior towards the Misfit is unusual and unexpected. The passage depicts the Misfit as someone who isn't very educated, doesn't articulate well, and during times of anxiety someone who reacts violently, and with a callous attitude. The grandmother on the other hand is shown, once her head clears from shock of knowing her family has just been murdered as comforting and caring towards the Misfit. Whether or not her act of kindness is real or an attempt to save her own life is not known for sure, but what is known; is that she along with the rest of her family is killed in the end.
             Although the plot of the passage seems to be this idea that the misfits has about not being present to witness a specific act of Jesus Christ (not mentioned in this passage, but in the previous) and this being the reason his life has turned out the way it has. The focal point of the passage is really the interaction and strange behavior (for lack of a better word) of both the misfit and the grandmother. The passage seems to lead you into thinking that during the misfits moment of thought and confusion that he maybe vulnerable and in a weakened state mentally and physically and the grandmother is reaching out to comfort him. For myself what I found difficult was trying to understand and keep up with what the Misfit thoughts were and how he was thinking and the easiest for me had to be the reading of the story.

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