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Wizard of Oz

            As I was growing up I saw the Wizard of Oz many times, but it was never my favorite, in fact I never really liked the movie or the story. This past Sunday I was looking for a play to go see and the Wizard of Oz was what I found. .
             The play was over and I wanted it to continue I was so sucked in the play that I did not want to go home, for the first time ever in a play I felt like I was there, the actors took me to the place where they were and I loved it.
             The actors were so believable; even though most of the play was dealing with imaginary people like the Scarecrow or the Cowardly Lion they made it feel like they were real. The actors accomplished this with the great movements, energetic voices, faces and expressions. .
             There was only one performer I did not like and this was the good witch. The Good witch did not take me to the place where they were, her voice was too low and a lot of times it would get lost with the music, and when she did not have to talk she did not know what to do or where to look and it seemed that she was just waiting for her turn to talk.
             Almost all the performers related to one another really good specially 4 of the main characters - Dorothy, Lion, tin man, scarecrow. Their performance was excellent and they had a really good relationship with each other, each one of them made me feel like it was real, the scarecrow or the lion performances were so good that you would just forget that they were real people and believe the really were a scarecrow and a lion.
             Dorothy was one of my favorites with her energy and her great voice, the play had a lot of singing on it and Dorothy just made it perfect with her voice.
             All the elements in the production seemed to fit together really well, the performers knew what they were doing and the set up for the stage was just great, considering it was not a large theatre, they moved around and used the space so well that they stage seemed to be really big.

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