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Pet peeve

            There are many little things that bother me in life, my sister taking my brand new clothes to school with her, my parents down my throat about every little decision I make, people not saying please and thank you when I seat them at their tables during work, when supposed "gentleman" see you walking and don't bother to hold the door open for you, or how my brother is the slowest channel changer in the world. Believe me when I say, the list is endless. However, now that I have become one of the many drivers on New Jersey's roads, heading my list of bothersome actions is road rage and bad driving habits. It is something that I experience every day.
             My definition of road rage is when someone gets angry enough when driving to use their car to deliberately try to make a fellow driver mad or to put another driver in danger. Picture this. You"re driving down route 22, the speed limit is fifty-five, and you"re doing sixty miles per hour, a safe enough range so that you don't get pulled over. Someone is coming up from behind. The person is right on your behind, there must be literally ten inches from the back your car to the front of theirs. For some reason they must think that you are purposely going that speed just to make them mad. So they decide to switch lanes. While they"re coming up on your side you look over and see them looking and shouting at you like you were doing something wrong. Then they decide to cut right in front of you, so you have to slam on your breaks, putting yourself at risk, and all the other cars behind you at risk. Some people are just so emotionally head strung that they take all of their anger that could be happening with their families, friends, or even their colleagues, and just release it when they"re driving. It bothers me so much that they don't care that they are jeopardizing my safety, the safety of others and of themselves.
             I recently saw a report on Dateline on NBC in which the results of a study done to determine the distracting effects of performing other tasks while driving in a car was featured.

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