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The future of America in decline

             Throughout history, America has been a land of promise, and freedom. Our founding fathers fought to make a constitution that allows us to speak freely, participate in whatever religion we wish, and to have democratic control over our nation. But were these good intentions enough? Is the American public mature enough as a whole to take advantage of these freedoms as they were originally intended? Is the future of America in decline?.
             Violence in our nation has become a catalyst for much concern. Recent crime levels have been at an all time high. Not just in the general population, but in youth. Out of the entire country, youth have been the most frequent victims of violence.(4) Daily there are thirteen juveniles under the age of twenty killed. In fact, murder causes twenty percent of all deaths of youth from ages ten to twenty-four.(4) It has come to the point where some sprint home from school everyday, afraid of what may happen to them if they are caught "on someone's turf." With recent high school bombings schools have taken extra precautions including but not limiting metal detectors, security guards, and closed campus lunch hours. But violence is only one aspect of the decline of America. .
             In the last hundred years, our country has undergone much change in morality. Views on conservity have made almost a one hundred-eighty degree turn. In the past, any racy or provocative clothing worn by both women and men would have been looked down upon greatly.(3) However, as time has gone by the public has been more likely to accept, where as in the past society's acceptance of change in morality was slim to none.(3) This acceptance has allowed more than just racy clothing lines though. In comedy for instance, the main objective of the comedian is to make a connection with an audience by making them laugh. In the past comedians have striven to do so in good taste. This also goes along with the movie industry.

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