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Francisco De Goya

            Francisco Goya was considered the Father of Modern Art. He began his painting career after the Baroque period. Some of his first paintings, " Stories of the Virgin and Christ: The Visitation and the Parasol", were paintings of lively color and brilliant vision. They contained images that were of happy people aware of their surroundings and excellent sceneries around the countryside, even though he did not master in painting landscapes. This type of work gave his paintings a folk lifestyle affect. Around the time in 1792, Francisco Goya was badly ill mentally and physically. This caused him to become completely deaf. He would communicate with others by reading their lips. Because of this incident, Goya's whole perspective changed on how and what to paint in his pictures. .
             The colors began to darken and the way he painted with his brushes was more expressive and looser than before. In Goya's painting, " The Witches" Sabbath", it explains and outlines how Francisco Goya's paintings have evolved from colorful, brilliant, and bright to dark, horrific, and terror. It is a picture of a horrified bull in the center of the dirt with maybe townspeople in a spiritual circle surrounding it. The colors in this painting are very dark and dead-like. It is to believe the dark colors represent evil and all the scary creatures that come out at night to scare small children. The bull seems to be preaching about something unknown, but it looks like it has its audience in terrible fright. One man is holding his child up, giving it to the bull maybe as a sacrifice. .
             Because of Goya's new style of painting, he would create more of these scary dark and black paintings on the walls of his house, what he believed to be the "Deaf Man's House" I believe every since Francisco Goya fought in the Spanish War and saw how people did gave him the confidence that he wanted to paint these black paintings. Goya seemed to like the view of "death" in his paintings, but it soon came to haunt him later.

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