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The Art Of Romanticism

            Define the art of Romanticism in the paintings of Francesco Goya, Francois Millet, Honore Daumier, William Turner and Caspar David Friedrich. Why is the evocation of the "sublime" important? .
             Romanticism art had its place in history between 1800 and 1850. This style of painting cannot be identified by one particular style, technique or attitude but the style is generally characterized by a highly imaginative and subjective approach, evoking emotional intensity, having a dreamlike or visionary quality. Romantic art strives characteristically to express by suggestive states intense, mystical, or elusive feelings. Romantic artist chose to show an affinity for nature, especially its wild and mysterious aspects, and for exotic, melancholy and melodramatic subjects likely to evoke awe and passion. The evocation of the sublime is important in romantic style painting because of the awe-inspiring beauty and grandeur that these paintings possess. It is often referred to as the anti-classical movement challenging the calm and restrained feeling and clear and complete expression of the classical and neoclassical movements. A look at the romantic style of painting in romantic artist will prove this theory. .
             Francisco de Goya was a Spanish painter and graphic artist during the romantic era. His subject matter ranged from idyllic scenes to realistic incidents of everyday life, conceived throughout the gay and romantic spirit and executed from the Rococo decorative charm of which he was trained. While he was suffering from illness his work begin to take a turn toward fantasy and invention. .
             The French painter and graphic artist Jean-Francois Millet begin his painting career creating mythological and anecdotal scenes and portraits, but turned to scenes of rustic life. His paintings put great emphasis on the serious and contrastingly melancholy aspects of country life, emotionalizing the laborers of the land and the sad solemnities of toil.

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