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Art In Romanticism

            Write about how romantic art differed from Neo-classical art.
             For as long as there has been art, art has been great way to define the times. Many styles of art have existed and coexisted through the years. During the Eighteenth Century, Neo-Classical art was very popular. Then, during the age of Romanticism, art varied between romantic, realism, and luminism. All of the types of art during these ages serve to deepen the understanding of these times.
             During the Eighteenth Century, one of the major art forms of the time was known as Neo-Classical art. Neo-Classical art emerged following the discovery of the ancient cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum. People were fascinated by the artwork that was uncovered in the ancient cities, and this brought about an interest in classical art of the past, mainly that of ancient Rome. Classical art was considered respectable and important, and countless artists began to mimic it in their own works. People were also captivated by the ancient ideas of the Roman Empire, and looked towards them as idealistic for their own lives (Cunningham-Reich, 231-232). Neo-Classical art was something new for artists, and they were excited to change from the Baroque and Rococo styles of the past (Cunningham-Reich, 233). Neo-Classical art was much less extravagant and not so serious. Colors were more vivid and the overall tone was much lighter. Neo-Classical art represented the Eighteenth Century and its lifestyle.
             Following the Neo-Classical style, romantic art depicted the turn of the century. Painters of the time were more interested in portraying emotions and feelings in their artworks. Art became much more colorful and heartfelt. Paintings showed the upsets of war and aimed to evoke the viewer to feel a need for peace from war. A good example at this time would be Francisco Goya, who was strongly attached to his feelings and emotions. His paintings never seemed to touch on past Neo-Classical styles, and his emotional expression was more than moving.

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