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             Shakespeare's play Othello involves 3 main themes. These are Jealousy (this involves Iago and Othello), Love (Othello and Desdemona represent this) and Friendship (Once again this concerns Iago and Othello). In the tale Iago adopts jealousy because his close friend Othello has promoted a soldier called Cassio to the position of Lieutenant. Iago had the idea that because he and Othello had such a close relationship as friends he would definitely get promoted to the position of lieutenant. .
             Othello becomes jealous when Iago convinces him that his wife Desdemona is having an affair with Cassio. Iago does by playing mind games with Othello. Because of the jealousy that has built up inside of him, Othello eventually sacks Cassio.
             In the play Othello and Desdemona's love is seen as the strongest. This is because they both believe that their love has a bond so strong it can never be broken.
             Othello and Iago have such a close friendship that Iago is able to take advantage of it and tricks Othello into believing his wife is having an affair. Othello feelings for Iago as a friend are so strong Othello is Blind to Iago's deceitful tricks.
             Othello has a very strong attitude towards jealousy and it is seen in his quotes in Act 3,Scene 3. For example "away at once with love or jealousy". This quote means he knows that jealousy exists but doesn't believe that he can become jealous himself. .
             Another quote to back this is when Othello talks to Iago about Desdemona. "She had eyes and chose me". Here he is telling Iago that Desdemona could of chosen any man to fall in love with but she decided to choose him.
             Othello's attitude towards jealousy changes dramatically when Iago convinces him to believe that his wife is cheating on him. This tells the audience no matter what jealousy will eventually get to you.
             Even though Iago was about not being promoted he also had other reasons for being jealous. This is explained in the next quote.

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