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Gun Control

            Gun control has been an issue in the United States for a little over two hundred years. Cases have been taken to the Supreme Court for this matter and have all been settled in the same way, people are allowed to have guns. The growth of the United States and maturity of its people there have been many people questioning whether or not this is the right decision. .
             People of the United States see this issue in two ways as far as I can see. On one side, people want to be able to have their guns and on the other, people cannot see why the guns are needed. Several celebrity figures have voiced their opinion on this issue but the most out spoken on the issue that I could find was Ted Nugent. Ted is known worldwide as a rock star and now as a member of the National Rifleman's Association. He is a very active leader in helping people of the United States keep their guns. He is known around the United States as being an avid hunter and has done many guest appearances on hunting shows and other television shows spreading his ideas of why people should be allowed to poses fire arms. Many people in the United States believe that some of the ideas being proposed for gun control are preposterous. One that I saw called for every citizen of the United States to give up all fire arms. This has many opposing parties because it would put an end to recreational shooting and hunting. As you know, Oklahoma would be highly affected by this because there is a ton of hunting that takes place in areas all over the state. We"re talking about a past time that has been in our nation's history forever being ended. This just doesn't set well with many of the people that live in rural and country settings throughout Oklahoma and the rest of the United States. Gun control like the one mentioned above has many opposing parties both everyday people and celebrities like Ted Nugent. .
             There are literally hundreds of reasons why people of the United States oppose the removal of fire arms from the United States citizens.

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