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Santiago and the Marlin - The Old Man and the Sea

            Santiago and the marlin had a respective relationship. Although Santiago's plan the second he hooked the marlin was to kill it and sell it, he grew to respect the marlin as a fellow man. This relationship develops as Santiago fights his worthy opponent for here days, until finally pulling it in. Santiago's attitude toward the fish is also changed as he fought off predators after the fish. Santiago's relationship with his greatest catch in 8t days developed into a respect and mutualism. After Santiago hooked the marlin, he felt a bond with it, as if they both suffered the same. After hooking this 18-foot marlin, Santiago and his small boat were pulled around and with each of the marlins pulls and attempts to free itself caused deep wounds into the old mans hands. During this time that he was linked directly to the marlin, he showed all of his feelings of connection with the marlin. The cord around his hands and hooked into the marlin emphasize on this bond even more. The fact that the old fisherman felt every tug and pull that the fish gave showed that they were as one.
             Santiago wishes that he could feed the marlin as he ate his meal in this portion of the story. After all of the abuse that this fish has been giving him for he long time at sea, sympathy is felt by the old Santiago. This shows a link as if they were father and son as he calls the fish in another section of the story. Santiago even tells and thinks to himself that the villagers were not worthy enough to eat the meat off of this creature. The idea of this bond diminishes for a brief period as Santiago finally allowed the marlin to tire itself out and be pulled in. Instead of just capturing and letting the majestic creature die, as Santiago says, he takes his spear and kills the marlin.
             Santiago repeatedly spoke to the marlin after slaying it and apologizing for his actions. Santiago did not think out how he captured the marlin very well.

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