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The Old Man & The Sea

            Hemingway, in The Old Man and the Sea , examines the struggles of man and.
             nature through the eyes of the protagonist, Santiago. Santiago senses his place in nature. Although he respects and loves her, he is constantly battling her. The old man, formerly called Santiago, is a wise, simple, enduring, and understanding person. The old man knows he must fish to live, but it saddens him that he must kill them sometimes because of their magnificence. An example being the Marlin in this story, he considers him a brother, but yet he has to kill him.
             He compares the Marlin to another male marlin he has encountered (pg.69). The.
             marlin he recalls had let his mate feed first. Then Santiago caught the female marlin and she panicked but while she swam around the male stayed right with her. Even after she was brought up he swam by the boat until at last he jumped up to see his mate one last time and dove into the depths of the ocean. The old man and the boy, who parallels the old man in the conflict, felt bad. They promptly begged her pardon and butchered her.
             During the story he also remembers arm wrestling with a Negro from Ceinfuegos.
             (pg. 69). He recalls the bets that were placed and how the Negro had been so sure he would win. Santiago thinks how he held the Negro for one whole night and one whole day. The referees took four hour shifts and on Monday he finally took the Negro down. At that point the old man decided he could do anything he wanted to if he put his mind and body to it. He was referred to as the champion for a while after that.
             The final struggle starts with a large circle and slowly turned into a short line. Short enough so the man could see the Marlin (pg. 86). Santiago stares on in disbelief, he never thought it would be this big. Sure he had seen it before, but he had no idea that it would be two to three times as big as the skiff. As the Marlin's tail starts to hit the line,the old man knew the Marlin was starting to feel the pain.

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