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             What exactly is hypnosis? In the book, "The Power of Hypnosis," written by Hans Holzer, his definition is, " [A] modern parlance is a state of consciousness in which the bonds between the conscious mind and the unconscious mind are temporarily suspended," (Hans, 1973).Hypnosis is usually portrayed as an entertainment during magic shows, but can we use hypnotism for other matters beside show business? In three articles, Frankel, Sarbin and Mantle believe hypnosis can be very useful for medical use. Whereas, the three articles against hypnotism, Barber, Spanos and unknown author disagreed to the three articles for hypnosis and believed it is untrustworthy. .
             Title: Hypnotizability and the Treatment of Phobic Behavior.
             Author: Fred H. Frankel.
             Purpose: The purpose of Fred H. Frankel is to prove how hypnosis is real and very .
             helpful in one's life. .
             Hypothesis: The use of hypnosis can help clinical behaviors such as phobia. He defines .
             phobia by using Marks definition: .
             A phobia can thus be defined as a special form of fear which (1) is out of proportion to demands of situation, (2) cannot be explained or reasoned away, (3) is beyond voluntary control, and (4) leads to avoidance of the feared situation. .
             Frankel also adds that attention to phobic behavior is also encouraged by its dramatic aspects. People who have this disorder are misunderstood and ridiculed by relatives and friends who see this situation as foolish and a minor problem, making them feel embarrassed. This does not help the patient conquer his fear, which will worsen the phobia even more. Basically the author says hypnosis will help them use their imagination to create the situation they fear. The therapist will then help the patient become familiar with their phobia, by comforting and reassuring them. Frankel also mentions the patients should learn self hypnosis, so they may gain a sense of mastering over the phobic imagine they create.

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