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Cindy sherman

            Cindy Sherman has a different approach to photography. She likes to leave the possibilities for her portraits open. These photos can be interpreted anyway the reader so chooses. This is especially obvious as she leaves her portraits untitled. In her first photo she depicts a woman who is standing beside a road along with her luggage. Her actions can be interpreted in many ways. She could be fed up with her life, in search of a better place to live and all she needs is a ride. On the other hand, she could have been dropped off from a trip waiting for a family member to take her home. The possibilities are endless. In Sherman's second self-portrait she is lying on the floor with a cutout of the newspaper in her hand. This portrait also has many different ways it can be interpreted. She could have want ads in her hand, thinking of getting a new employer because she is unhappy with the direction of her career. Another possibility could be that the article in her hand is the personals and she is lying there dreaming of the perfect man. The news paper clip could also be items for sale. The lady just moved in to her new home and has no furniture and that is why she is lying on the floor.
             Sherman challenges the "what you see is what you get" mentality by leaving the possibilities of her photographs open. The ladies in either one of these photos could be doing a number of things. She seems to be saying the medium of photography is not always straight- forward. Which means this medium may not be the best method to get your point across.
             The difference between Cindy Sherman and Dorothy Allison is very subtle. Cindy uses the medium of photography and tries to be very vague with her work. Dorothy uses an essay and describes every little detail. She wants nothing untold.
             The reason Dorothy doesn't want to be photographed is because she cares about what other people think of her. In her essay she describes how a guy at a hotel didn't think she had a reservation because of the way she looked and she hated it.

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