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recontextualizing appraisal- i

            Artists can use the power of visual image to challenge and even change popular opinions about important and universal issues. Art can be a very influential way to give strong, direct comments and criticisms on things that have happened in society and culture. By viewing, examining and researching art works to find out true meanings you can learn a lot about world issues, society and culture. Opinions and knowledge can change from influential artworks such as the ones below. Artists like George Grosz, Cindy Sherman and Gordon Bennett have created such influential artworks to change popular opinions and views on society, culture and important world issues.
             In 1917 George Grosz started an artwork to be finished in 1918, he named this artwork "Dedication to Oskar Panizza." George Grosz's art work is made from oil on a 140 x 110 cm canvas. George Grosz used the power of his visual image to influence his audience and show a more honest view of the violence in society and showing how authorities la. George Grosz's painting is about a religious funeral erupting into a bloody and debauched riot. The people/ figures in this artwork hide behind masks as they commit immoral acts. George Grosz dedicated himself to his work "Dedication to Oskar Panizza" to the extent of danger, he was later condemned for his blasphemies. The artwork was painted in reds and blacks showing the clergy to have lost control as death, murder, violence, sexual license and alcoholism take hold of the streets. At this time the German authorities preferred artists to create artworks with images of strength, national pride and bravery because by showing images of this their leaders maintained public support and make Germany look united. George Grosz created artworks that had such influences to make the public think twice by showing them highly respected institutions like the church were being highly run on greed, by self-serving and arrogant men who were not above corruption.

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