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My Art Evaluation

            During my year 12 coursework, I have looked at many artists and art pieces. I have visited numerous galleries in different countries and also seen many different pieces of work from a range of media; for example photography, paints, 3D work and sculptures. The theme we had for this year's coursework was 'Process'. I was pleased with the chosen theme as I felt we could express ourselves differently as it was such a broad idea. My first original thoughts when given this topic was the idea of looking into the process of life and death, showing how things can decay. Hence why drew the leaves and kiwi fruit. I then felt it beneficial to look deeper into the idea of process so I researched into the process of feminism and how women have come so far since the years of gender inequality. I felt going down this path was a great idea as I care strongly about this aspect in life so I felt I could put my own personal opinion in my final outcome. I looked at a range of different artists although I felt gurilla girls stood out for me the most as their work is so subtle yet effective. They make bold statements in their pieces yet they are so secretive that nobody knows who they are. Following their work I wanted to make a piece of art that a held serious impact of people's views on feminism. .
             Continuing from the work from Cindy Sherman (who also works with the idea of feminism) I saw that her art entails photography showing women in cleaning clothes or dressed nicely and looking sad. So, for my final outcome I created a dress entirely out of cleaning equipment. I even gave the dress a fragrance out of cleaning products. I wanted to portray the whole outfit completely cleaning mad. I went to shops around town and managed to perchance a load of joy cloth and polish dusters and rubber gloves and sponges. I experimented with all the different cleaning equipment to see what would look good. Some things I didn't end up using but I felt that experimenting with the different materials was fun anyhow.

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