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Definition Of Art

            My definition of art will differ from other people's definitions. Therefore I think that art has many different meanings to many different people. I think I can come up with a definition that includes three things most people could agree on, the first being that art is something that represents beauty to the viewer. Secondly a work of art should draw the viewer's interest. Thirdly a work of art should make the viewer think about what went into creating what they see. The things that people are drawn to are likely to be different which makes my definition more flexible and more fitting for everyone.
             Art is important to a university education because it broadens your horizons by allowing you to see something you don't see everyday. Art also allows you to view something from the artist's point of view thus giving you an opportunity to see things from another perspective. Finally, to truly appreciate art you must understand the time and effort that went into making the work of art. I believe that art has a complex meaning that includes many things and takes many forms. .
             In a university education broadening one's horizon in art is important because when a person views art they"re looking at something they probably haven't seen before, and if they've seen it before it's probably from a perspective that they haven't thought of. If a person views enough works of art their brain gets to thinking about what the artist .
             had in mind when he started creating the piece. They may also start evaluating the artists works, and may find that certain artists work interest them more then others, and you may want to explore the ones that interest you more in depth to get as much as you can out of your art experience. Viewing art helps someone use his or her thinking, and analyzing skills, which help make him or her a more educated person.
             Some works of art show a specific point of view, that view being the one of the artist who created the piece.

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