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A Prayer for Owen Meany

            In John Irving's novel, A Prayer for Owen Meany, Irving illustrates the idea of friendship through the characters of Owen and Johnny, which is developed throughout various chapters. .
             The chapter, The Finger demonstrates an event that reveals a meaningful gesture. In Owen's foretelling reverie, Owen envisioned a helpless Johnny as a result of Owen's death, and discovered a resolution to the dilemma. The only remedy was to sever Johnny's finger, deeming him physically unqualified to serve in Vietnam. Johnny's unwavering trust in his pal Owen allowed his companion to cut off his finger, a key component in a lasting friendship. This display of trust is exposed when Owen tells Johnny, " I LOVE YOU NOTHIN BAD IS GOIN TO HAPPEN TO YOU- TRUST ME". .
             When Tabitha Wheelwright, Johnny's flawless mother, suffered a deadly blow from a baseball struck by Owen, there transpired an exchanging of gifts between Owen and Johnny. This event in the chapter The Armadillo portrayed an act of friendship and sincerity between the two friends. Owen gave Johnny his most prized possessions, his baseball cards, and Johnny presented Owen with his treasured armadillo. Dan Needham, an influential person, advised Johnny what he should give Owen in return for the baseball cards, as seen in the following quote " you have to show Owen that you love him enough to trust anything with him-to not care if you do or don't get it back. It's got to be something he knows you want back. That's what makes it special.".
             Comforted by his recent dream, Owen realized his heroic destiny was contingent upon his closest friend as shown in the chapter, The Shot. By practicing the slam-dunk with Owen, Johnny is able to accomplish lifting him up to bury the grenade in the window. Owen was aware that the move had a special purpose in his life but Johnny never comprehended what Owen meant until the event transpired. Friends help friends make dreams come true, Johnny's assistance helped Owen fulfill his life-long dream of dying a hero.

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