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A Prayer for Owen Meany

            A Prayer for Owen Meany by John Irving is about faith, love and living by what you believe in. This book tells the lives of Owen and Johnny. Owen is the only child of a granite worker in the small town of Gravesend, New Hampshire during the Vietnam War. Owen believes he is God's instrument; he is. The author uses Owen to show what the power of one human being's faith can bring in a society where doubt seems to be the essence of faith. Also, the strong bond that Johnny and Owen share is a touching example of love at its strongest. With a wonderful plot, undying humor, and straightforward honesty, Irving weaves a story that is unforgettable.
             The amount of love Owen has for Johnny is immeasurable. The difference in height, abilities, and personality doesn't stop that at all. Helping Johnny with his studies, going to a state college instead of Harvard, and picking a role for him in life: these are just a few of the things that Owen has done for Johnny. The powerful friendship represented here is of the strongest I've seen in literature. Anyone can be touched by Owen's earnest will to be Johnny's best friend. Irving uses this great story to show us what being a true friend is really about.
             Although Owen loves Johnny, his unfaltering faith in God and the preparation of his whole life in order to fulfill his predestination really makes me reevaluate my values about faith. His ultimate belief that God has planned his future shows us all that faith can turn one's life around. He doesn't let anyone change his mind, not even his most treasured friends. I like how he sticks with what he believes in no matter what. I learned from him that if I really believe in something, protect it, care for it, and live it, that's more than half the journey to my destiny. I"m not very religious, but this book taught me valuable life lessons that I will treasure forever.

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