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A Prayer for Owen Meany

            Suggests that his voice is unearthly like a spirit or higher being.
             Martyr-someone who suffers for their beliefs. Similar to God-didn't blame the people.
             Represents relationship between real world and world of spirits.
             Sagamore "the Indian chiefs and higher ups wee called sagamores the only Sagamore I knew was a neighbor's dog named for a lake the canine was killed I now believe that the gods of those troubled waters were responsible"(7). Suggests the life and power of nature.
             Totem "an armless man some said it was how it made the sagamore feel to give up all that land"(8) Symbol used throughout the novel to show how people feel to loss things/people.
             Meany Granite business " a small portion of the granite underground is worth getting out; the rest has defects-or if it's good, it's so far underground that it's hard to get ou8t without cracking it"(12). Granite represent nature, and how it shouldn't be taken away.
             Owen Meany's infatuation with is shows how he is in touch with nature,.
             Even with everything else is taken away (trees), granite will always return to the earth.
             Tabitha/Tabby Wheelwright "My mother was not a brazen character my mother had such a tranquil, modest nature"(13). Tabitha- sweet, kind, gentle.
             Breasts "Your mother has the best breast of all"(29).
             Symbol of sexuality and mother hood.
             Sexuality interacts with moral and religious faith.
             Dan Needham "How many times have I prayed to god that he was my real father"(40).
             "Dan Needham, who was gawky with curly carrot colored hair and who wore eyeglasses that were too small"(46) Father figure to Johnny.
             Armadillo "missing from the armadillo were the little animal's front claws"(85).
             "God has taken your mother. My hands were the instrument. God has taken my hands. I am god's instrument" John, Dan, and Owen are all like the armadillo; they have all lost a part of themselves.

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