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Grassy Knoll book report (2000 words)

            The Man on the Grassy Knoll, by John R. Rogers, devises a conspiracy theory in which the CIA was responsible for the JFK Assassination. According to the book, the CIA hired a psychopath named Charles Rogers to be the triggerman standing along the Grassy Knoll on November 22, 1963, when the President's motorcade was to proceed along its scheduled route. Charles Rogers was the man that the CIA purportedly used as a contract killer in this incident. In my opinion, the authors failed miserably in making their case that Charles Rogers was even in the City of Dallas on that day in history. The first major thrust of the argument focuses on Charles Rogers as a cold, calculated psychopath who bludgeoned his parents. Once the book exhausts its case that the killing of his parents shows capability to murder Kennedy, it describes Rogers as a successful CIA operative who earned the level of trust needed for involvement in a national-level assassination conspiracy. Finally, the book attempts to establish Rogers association with David Ferrie, Lee Harvey Oswald, and Charles Harrelson. The authors of this book feel that their own investigation points to Rogers as the perpetrator who played a much bigger part in the incident.
             Charles Rogers apparently had a difficult childhood in which three adverse situations made him develop into an emotionally heartless person. The first incident that shaped his life for the worst was the auto accident in which his sister was killed. The family was returning to Houston from a vacation to San Antonio, and nobody in the family knew how to drive. A family friend was brought along on the vacation simply for the purpose of driving, but his lack of experience on the road was a major factor in the accident. Charles was only seven at the time, and he was emotionally scarred being at the scene of the accident. He blamed his father for what happened, and apparently it began a lifelong hatred that Charles would have toward his father.

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