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             My report is on the manatee, specifically, the Northern Manatee, better known as the West Indies or West Indian .
             Manatee. The scientific name of the Northern Manatee is Trichechus Manatus. The Manatee is a versatile animal when it .
             comes to it's habitat. It lives mostly in shallow salt water, although it has been known to live in freshwater, and .
             deep salt water. The Northern Manatee's main population is in rivers in Florida and the Caribbean Isles and Sea, .
             although there are exceptions, such as if the manatee gets hurt, it may go to SeaWorld or places like it, to be healed .
             and recover. The Northern Manatee can and has adapted to humans in it's habitat. Since the Northern Manatee has no .
             natural predators, it can live in any shallow salt water, and comes to many areas with live coral reefs. .
             The Northern Manatee grows inside it's mother for a year or more before the calf is born. The calf stays with it's .
             mother for around two years. At birth the Manatee is a little more than three feet (1 meter) long, and weighs from .
             25 to 60 pounds. Adult manatees are on average seven to twelve feet in length, although some have been known to grow .
             up to fifteen feet. The manatee is one of the only marine mammals. Unlike most mammals, the manatee does not have .
             calves every year. The female manatee has one calf every two to three years. The Northern Manatee swims at an easy .
             pace of five miles an hour. If the animal is frightened, it swims at a faster pace of fifteen miles an hour. The .
             manatee eats underwater vegetation, using it's weak front flippers to push the food into their mouth. The manatee .
             can eat up to one hundred pounds of underwater vegetation a day. The manatee has a round, powerful, flat tail. .
             The tail is the manatee's main propulsion. Most mammals have seven vertebra in the neck. The manatee has six in .
             their neck. The manatee has twenty to thirty molars. Since all manatees look suprisingly human when they have their .

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