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The Farming of Bones

             The Dominican Republic and Haiti are two countries sharing the same island, Haiti being the poorest country. Dominican Republic has the bigger and richer portion of the island with more natural resources and farmland. At some point after the separation from Spain dominance, the Haitians invaded the whole island, which lead to a revolution initiated by a young Dominican named Juan Pablo Duarte who became one of the most important personalities of the Dominican history and is considered the father of his country. "On February 27, 1844, thereafter celebrated as Dominican Independence Day, the rebels seized the Ozama fortress in the capital. The Haitian garrison, taken by surprise and apparently betrayed by at least one of its sentries, retired in disarray. Within two days, all Haitian officials had left Santo Domingo- (Dominican War of Independence). Since its "birth- or liberation from Spain's dominance, the Dominican Republic and Haiti struggled to survive. It can be said that one country tried to consume the other and they literary fought against each other seeking dominance and control. .
             In the Novel "The Farming of Bones- Señora Valencia's gave birth to twins. The boy was larger and probably healthier than the baby girl. When the doctor arrived to check on the newborns' health, the condition of the girl made the doctor somewhat worried and concerned about her health, which is why he asked Amabelle to look after Valencia and make sure she is taking proper care of the babies specially the girl. The doctor also made a comment on how many babies start out as twin in the belly and do away the other. "Haiti and the Dominican Republic, fighting for resources on the same island, are much alike the twins in the same belly- (www.readinggroupguides.com). The baby boy Rafael supposedly took some nutrients from his twin sister when they were in the belly of Valencia and the girl was born almost half the size of the boy.

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