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Wood vs. Metal

             It may seem like an irrelevant change to an average American but for college pitchers it is a matter of life and death. Since their introduction to the NCAA in 1974 metal bats have caused a wide range of problems for pitchers and hitters alike. For the pitcher a cushion of time needed to react to the ball hit back at him is eliminated but the litter and harder aluminum bat. For the hitter it creates the elusion that you have a sound swing for the metal bat covers up many of common hitting problems. In general it is a vital change that must happen to keep this game save and give the hitters a chance to play after college. .
             The primary reason to change back to using wooden bats is for the pitchers safety. College hitters are getting bigger and stronger with each year causing unnecessary injuries due directly to the uses of the metal bat. For the time it takes for the pitcher to react and avoid is about 4 tenths of a second off the bat. In that time the ball would be moving approximately 94 miles per hour and anything faster than that would become a danger to the pitcher(Herman). With the use a the metal bat the ball can travel up to 150 miles per hour leaving the pitcher with little time to react. Whereas the wood bat only allows the ball to travel 95 miles per hour off the barrel, giving the pitcher a chance to avoid injury. A recent study showed in every case, between 7-12 mph difference in the ball exit speed between aluminum and wood at the high school level(Herman). This clearly illustrates the safety hazard metal bats pose to college pitchers.
             Looking at the causes of the differences between the two may help us understand why mettle causes such problems. The barrel of a wood bat is significantly smaller than that of a metal bat, which in turn creates a larger sweet stop, causing more balls to bee hit hard(Houston). Mettle bats are littler enabling the hitter to swing the bat faster, and create a spring like action when they hit the ball.

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