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Life Review of Two Treasures

             When I first read the choices for this assignment, I knew right away that a life review paper would be a wonderful way to pay tribute to two very special people. The hardest part was deciding whom to interview. Younger generations today do not realize that one of our most valuable assets is the elder generation. Without their knowledge, so many cherished memories and accomplishments would be lost. It is special to hear first hand, the accounts of things that you may have only read about before. These individuals have actually lived them. Our children can learn so very much from those that have come before them.
             I chose to interview two people from different economic backgrounds as young children. I first interviewed my grandmother, Norine Wood, who is 90 years old and came from a low-income family in the rural areas around Mount Solon, Virginia. Then I interviewed a good friend of mine, James Knight. He is 82 years old and came from Orange, New Jersey, where his family was middle class and financially stable. Both people I interviewed have been a great inspiration to me. They have both encountered great difficulties in their lives, but have persevered over them. .
             Life Review for Norine Wood.
             Norine was born on the 8th day of November in the year 1912 in Mount Solon, Virginia. Her family was very poor and worked hard every day just to eat. Norine was the fifth child of nine (5 boys and 4 girls). One brother and one sister died in infancy. She is the only one still living. Norine fondly recalls her mother being proud that all her children were born at home without any difficulties. Norine vividly recalls helping her mother nurse her father during the epidemic of 1918 and later her youngest sister when she was ill with meningitis. This was a hard experience for a young child as they both passed away.
             Norine's father was a coal miner and worked the farm.

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