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            The WAP protocol suite is composed of various protocols covering basically all layers of the ISO-OSI reference model. There are four major layers in the WAP protocol: .
              Session layer-(WSP) .
              Transaction layer-(WTP) .
              Security Layer-(WTLS) .
              Transport/ datagram layer-(WDP) .
             Figure 2.1: The layers of the WAP protocol suite.
             The Wireless Application Environment is based on WWW and Mobile Telephony technologies. It lets users and providers build applications that can be compatible with as many platforms as possible.
             The Wireless Session Protocol is mainly there to keep the interface for the session consistent for things such as caching. Currently the protocols of the WSP are HTTP/1.1 functionable. The protocols here are mainly set to to be used in low-bandwidth networks. .
             The Wireless Transaction Protocol mainly controls messages being transmitted. It makes the communication between users much more reliable. .
             The Wireless Transport Layer Security protocol is based on TLS (Transport Layer Security) or formerly known as SSL or Secure Sockets Layer. It is made to be used with other WAP protocol and to support narrowband networks. .
             The Wireless Datagram Protocol offers to the upper layers an invisible type interface independent of the underlying network wireless network being used. This allows the interface that is common to the transport protocols to function independently of the underlying wireles network. .
             Wireless application protocol has a lot of potential since coming to the market. User will soon enough be able to do everything they can do on the internet, off of a home PC, on their wireless devices. From making movie reservations to trading stocks to booking airflights, the development of WAP is nowhere near being complete. This type of technology is revolutionary. It is the kind that creeps up on you and before you know it, it has changed the way people live.

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