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Could Hydrogen be the Fuel of the Future?

             Hydrogen can be the fuel of the future. With the cost of oil skyrocketing many people are looking for other means of fuel. Much research has been done already and some prototypes have already been built. Still this project is in its very early stages. There are many skeptics that don"t believe that hydrogen is the way to go.
             There are many issues that come with the production of hydrogen-powered cars. The cost of this new technology will not come cheap; it will be extremely expensive when they first start to sell these cars to the public. Safety is a huge factor. As one may recall, hydrogen is also the fuel that was used to power the Hindenburg. Scientists are still looking for new and better ways to make this technology more efficient. The economy could drop drastically when these new cars are introduced. The most important thing about these cars is the fact that they are supposed to be super clean. .
             The cost of a hydrogen-powered car is going to be expensive at first. But any new technology is expensive when it is first introduced. For example, a DVD player a few years ago was very expensive, and now the prices have dropped drastically. It is the same thing with hydrogen-powered cars. It will be almost impossible for a regular Joe to afford this new car at first, but after a few years most middle class people will own one. The reason is because gasoline prices are going to go through the roof, and it will cost them more to pay for gas then to pay for a hydrogen-powered car.
             Many people are very skeptical about the safety of a hydrogen-powered car. All they remember about hydrogen-powered crafts is that 39 people died when the Hindenburg crashed. They also know that hydrogen is used in massive bombs. There are many tests being held to make sure that hydrogen will not explode if a crash takes place. Scientists are giving the pressurized tanks the puncture test. The results are that the hydrogen releases into the atmosphere harmlessly.

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