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Tell Tale Heart/ Edgar Allan Poe

             Edgar Allan Poe is known for his unique style of writing, which was widely expressed in the story of the Tell Tale Heart. As a reader of the story there isn't much we know about the narrator, but we can clearly indicate that he is insane. In the introduction he explains how mad he is, and how he became this way. He stated, "I heard all things in hell. I heard all things in heaven and in the earth" (par.1). The use of identifying himself as mad indicated the narrator was telling the story in first person, and the story was told from an unreliable point of view.
             I believe that Poe made the narrator unreliable in telling his story so that we could understand his madness. All we know form the narrator is that the story takes place in an old mans home that was most likely to be a wealthy home. Also we know that the old man had a glass eye, which in my perspective symbolized the narrator's insanity. We don't know much about the old man besides his eye and we really don't know who he is to the narrator. From what the narrator tells us the old mans eye drove the narrator to insanity and turning himself in to the selfless act he committed. Some of things the narrator stated helped develop the plot because some instances stood out more than others. For example, "You should have seen how wisely. I proceeded with what caution - with what foresight- with what dissimulation I went to work" (par. 3). We can see through the narrator's words that he was planning to kill the old man. The use of .
             jumping from thought to thought helped develop the conclusion of the story because it made you as the reader wanting to read to see what happened at the end.
             In many instances the narrator clearly states that he was mad, how could we as readers be sure of that? We rely completely on the narrator's words, and we don't know the other side of the story. How is it that he is "fancied mad", but how did he plan the death of the old man so perfectly and why did he wait to do it? Most people that are perceived to be insane don't have organized thoughts like the narrator did.

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