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My Life and Love of Pets

             The reason? Well, all people have their reasons wheter it be for companionship, security, sport, show, or just plain love and fun.
             There have been findings (by people who enjoy researching things) that pets can add to a persons life in many ways. I read somewhere that petting animals can reduce stress and lower risks of heart attack or stroke in the elderly. Animals love thier owners regardless of what they look like, what their past has been, where they live or where they come from. Regardless of what kind of car they drive or if they make a six figured salary. Pets just want love and care from the people who share thier lives with them. .
             I have had many pets in my life and I have loved them all. Some more than others because let's face it, some pets and thier owners are not always the perfect fit, but for the most part, I have loved them all. There was my first cat "Smoky" who my mom brought home in a box from a farm but ol' smoky was mean and used to fending for himself in the wild. We soon gave him back to his farm. Then there were the two fish that I won at the fair, Slippy and Slappy. They were cool for about ten minutes before I accidentally let them slide down the sink drain while trying to transport them into a fishbowl. Oh well. Next came Beau. My first dog a pure bred Cocker Spaniel who hated everyone except me and my mom. He would bite people if they came to close to him. We eventually had to put him down for the safety of our family and friends. A sad day.
             After Beau there was a dry spell. I was a teenager before I got another dog. .
             Corky. A mutt, a mangled, dirty old dog who looked horrible and smelled even worse. We got him for free from a woman who was leaving him with her family members on weekends. The family members abused him and kept him outside on a rope when it stormed. We took him in, went to the groomers, and when we returned we didn't recognize him!! What a beautiful dog.

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