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Who you wear your dog

             Would You Wear Your Dog?.
             "The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the.
             way its animals are treated."(Mahatma Gandhi).
             Being asked if they would wear dog or cat fur, most people would probably rigorously say no and give me a weird look. Now how is it then, that the same people that carry their little toy poodle all over have no problem wearing a mink fur coat? How is it that a family's golden retriever, the children's best friend and protector, is different than other animals and would not be considered as a fur donor? .
             Furthermore, let us consider how many times dolphins have saved people's lives that were threatened by a shark. Swimmers suddenly found themselves being the potential prey of a shark as dolphins formed a circle around the swimmer to protect him and succeeded. There was no reason for those highly intelligent dolphins to help the swimmer-nevertheless they endangered their own lives for the swimmer's life. I can only imagine how happy those people were to be saved by those dolphins. Would they ever consider hiding the dolphins" coats for the fun of bragging with their skin? I do not think so. .
             We should also not forget in how many ways animals help blind people in their daily lives and how firemen dogs rescued people on September 11. Those dogs burnt their paws climbing over hot ashes to rescue people. Furthermore, those dogs worked for more than twelve hours at a time to the point of total exhaustation. Animals do all that, every day, without complaining, without asking for the profit. .
             Nevertheless, until today it is allowed to kill animals for their fur.

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