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An Overview of Two Families

            There are a million and one types of families in the world. Some are big, some are small; some are crazy and chaotic, some are quiet and calm. Nobody will find a family that is alike. I have met a family that is so busy and different than my own; they are my second family. Before I met my boyfriend, Mark, I did not know how different families could be until I met his. It was like walking into a different world. Mark and I are sitting in his living room watching television, just having a great time relaxing. Mark's mom is in the kitchen cooking a wonderful meal for all of us. Mark, his mom, and I are chit-chatting and everything is quiet and peaceful. All of a sudden, a burst of sweaty, loud testosterone explodes through the door. Michael and Luke, Mark's older brothers, walk through wrestling and harassing each other about who "whooped" who at basketball. Next is Anthony, Mark's younger brother, and his dad. Anthony comes straight up to me and starts trying to get me to wrestle with him. Mark decides to get in on the madness, so now we have a full-out wrestling match in the living room. In the kitchen, you can hear Mark's dad giving the sweaty boys hell for dribbling the basketball in the kitchen. Michael and Luke start giving him hell right back and Mark's mom is trying to break that up, but that ends up being a wrestling match too. That is a usual day at Mark's; wrestling.
             Now a typical day at my house is the exact opposite. Mark and I walk into my house and my mom is either in the office, with piles of work, or cooking one of her experimental health food meals. The T.V. is blaring throughout the house and my dog, Sweats, is barking at a passing car. My dad is out at the golf course getting his golf fix of the day, so he will not be back until dark. Erin, my older sister, is in her room studying. Nothing really happens at my house. My mom will talk to Mark and I for a while but then hurry off to another one of her chores.

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