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The Baseball Swing

             There are many different stances when it comes to swinging a bat. The one that I prefer, and think is most like the way you should stand is called a closed stance. While performing the closed stance you want to keep your feet at shoulders width apart. The position of your hands is key in this next step. You need to wrap your hands around the bat at the bottom just above the knob. If you are right handed, your right hand should be on top, and vice versa. You should keep your hands so that your top hand is touching your bottom hand, and squeezing the bat tightly. After that you should turn your shoulder in slightly and have your chin on your shoulder with both eyes on the pitcher. When the pitcher brings the ball to his shoulder you should begin your stride. When you begin to make your swing all your weight should be on your back foot than when you swing you should transfer your weight to your front foot, there is a saying squash the bug in the bucket. That means that your step forward should be going forward and high enough to go into a bucket and bring your foot down like you were squashing a bug. When you bring the bat through the zone, which is a term for where the ball will be thrown to, your bat should be nice and level. When the ball is released you should follow the ball with your eyes all the way until the ball hits the bat. That is one proper way that you should swing a baseball bat, and it is my personal favorite way of doing it.

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