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Great Gatsby - Tom and Gatsby comparison

            The Roaring Twenties was an exciting time, but had a bad aftertaste. The American Dream was realized again, and people began to strive for a life full of riches and prosperity. Just like in other decades, people realized that the quest for wealth did not always work out, and once wealth was attained, it did not have the substance they were looking for. In The Great Gatsby, Tom and Gatsby have both attained the paramount life sought after by so many in that decade. Through the course of the novel, it is made clear who was an honest and respectable person, and who had disrespectable qualities. Although Tom and Gatsby's lives share similarities such as revolving around Daisy's life, they share some very contrasting differences. .
             First of all, Tom Buchanan of East Egg and Gatsby of West Egg shared some similarities that were fundamentally attractive to Daisy. The most obvious similarity was that they were both quite wealthy and had the mansions and possessions to prove it. Both of them also made sure that people knew about their wealth. Tom simply flaunts his wealth for no reason, much like the rest of what he does. Gatsby drives flashy sports cars and holds massive parties to attract Daisy's attention. The two pursue things in life as if they are prizes or trophies that they can add to their collection, such as Daisy who's voice sounds like money to Gatsby. Both try to get to Daisy with money, and money often offers security, which are both essential to Daisy. Money was central to their lives, and if they suddenly lost it, they would probably lose direction and be terribly discouraged. These similarities are however not important when defining what Tom and Gatsby were really about though. .
             On the other hand Tom and Gatsby were very different people in many more aspects. After learning more about the two, their goals and aspirations are definitely very different. After Gatsby learns that Daisy has married Tom instead of him, his sole purpose in life becomes getting her back.

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