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Testicular Cancer

            Cancer that is developed in the testicle is testicular cancer.
             spread to other areas of the body the cells are carried by the bloodstream or by a lymph .
             fluid that tissues all over the body produce to get rid of bacteria and other abnormal .
             substances. Surgeons often can remove the lymph nodes deep in the abdomen to learn .
             whether testicular cancer cells have spread.
             Testicular cancer is pretty uncommon. In the United States only about 4,000 cases .
             are diagnosed yearly. In young men between the ages of 15 to 34, it is one of the most .
             common forms of cancer. It still occurs in other age groups, so all men should be aware .
             of its signs and symptoms. .
             There is no real known cause for testicular cancer. With men who have the .
             condition know as Cryptorchidism, where one testicle has not descended, have a high risk .
             of being diagnosed. This can happen before the baby is born when the testicles that are .
             formed between the kidneys do not move down. They usually move down by birth or .
             within the first year of their life. If they do not move down they could need surgery. .
             Also high at risk are people with HIV infection, a history of testicular cancer within .
             the family, white men, and usually upper class people. There may also be a gene that can .
             Page 2.
             be passed down through family that may cause it. Still very little is known on how to .
             prevent it in the first place. .
             Finding testicular cancer usually starts with self-examinations, feeling the testicles .
             for lumps in or on the testicle. This lump is usually not painful, and sometimes the .
             testicle will enlarge. After finding a lump a person should see a doctor for more tests. .
             They will send the person to specialists who will ask about family history. The man may .
             receive an ultra sound of the testicles to see if the lump is really cancer or just a cyst, .

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