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Testicular Cancer

             Testicular cancer is one of the most commonly occurring cancers in young men ages 15.
             through 35, though because the disease can occur in other age groups, all men should be aware of.
             it's symptoms and be knowledgable in testicular self-examination. Some of the risk factors for .
             testicular cancer include Age - Young men have a higher risk of testicular cancer. In men, .
             testicular cancer is the most common cancer between the ages of 20 and 34, the second most .
             common cancer between the ages of 35 to 39, and the third most common cancer between.
             the ages of 15 to 19. Family history - Men with a family history of testicular cancer may have .
             an increased risk of developing testicular cancer. Hereditary conditions - Men born with .
             gonadal dysgenesis have a greater risk of developing testicular cancer. Personal history - .
             Men with undescended testicles have a higher-than-average risk of developing testicular .
             cancer. Men who have already had testicular cancer have a higher risk of developing a.
             tumor in the other testicle. Race - Testicular cancer is more common among white men.
             than black men. Hispanic, American Indian, and Asian men develop testicular cancer at .
             a higher rate than black men, but less than white men. Testicular cancer is considered to .
             be relatively rare being that young men typically do not get cancer and it is rarely seen .
             outside of the 15 through 35 age group. .
             In men under 60 years of age, 95% of testicular tumors originate in the germ cells,.
             the special sprem forming cells within the testicles. These tumors will fall into one of two.
             categories of tumors, seminomas or nonseminomas. Seminomas account for about 40% of all .
             Testicular Cancer and are composed of immature germ cells. Seminomas are usually slow.
             growing and tend to stay localized in the testicle for long periods. Nonseminomas are a group.
             of cancers that typically occur in combination with another. They arise from more mature, special .

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